Nisargaai, as the strong supporter of farmers and natural vegetations, always guide and nurtures them in all aspects. We strictly observe the principles of health, ecology, and embolden farmers – genuine life-saver. We are environment friendly, responsible and sensible farmers. We never play with the health of our customers. We take privilege to intend to support and enhance the health. We firmly proved us as the best natural product producer and provider.


Experience the varieties of farm products that are cultivated naturally.


Experience the natural nutrients and ingredients with its appetite raiser aroma and original tastes.


Live farming with farmers. Experience the live farming process and meet farmer at the Nisargaai Farmland.

Unique Process


Nisargaai, indorses to maintain balance in ecological and preserves biodiversity. We rigorously observe the principles of health, ecology, and embolden farmers. ‘Nature procure fertilizer’, is the prominent uniqueness in our process of farming.

  • ⦁ Systematic crop rotation
  • ⦁ Nutrient management
  • ⦁ Zero chemical and pesticides
  • ⦁ Trusting on natural predators
  • ⦁ Non-chemical weeding
  • ⦁ Empowering farmers
  • ⦁ Crop protection measures


Process We Follow

Chemical free soil

Before cultivation, we ensure zero traces of synthetic chemicals in the soil. We test the quality of soil with experts. Until it meets our quality requirements, we don’t cultivate the land. Quality of the soil has a huge impact on the nutritional value of crops.


Sowing of seeds

Carefully selected seeds are prepared for sowing. At Nisargaai, we observe a completely natural method for sowing, growing the seed, similar care is taken during weeding.

Naturally procure fertilizer-based land cultivation

After the land is ensured to be chemical free, it is time to add the secret ingredient in the soil i.e. natural waste use as a fertilizer. It enhances the fertility of the soil and results in an increment in the yield with its natural properties.


Right amount of watering

Quality of the crop depends on the care taken during irrigation. Too low or too high supply of water can cause a decrement in the quality of the crop, and the right amount of irrigation is crucial. Our farm is always on inspection, fulfilling essential requirement with delicacy.

Handpicked natural seeds

We work on the philosophy of ‘A healthy seed will give birth to a healthy crop’. Healthy seeds with premium quality are selected with care. Quality of the seed is inspected with experts to make sure the maintenance of higher standards.



Harvesting is the last stage of getting crops. Perfect harvesting time can make a huge difference in terms of the lifespan of the crop. At Nisargaai, we have skilled farmers who have achieved the mastery in the art of farming. They select the suitable time for harvesting in order to maintain the quality.